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The present situation of India is just like a stranded traveller who has lost the road in the dense forest and trapped into forest amidst the wild animals and he has lost the hope for safe return to home from the unknown territory. Indian Swaraj has run in the reverse direction on the wrong path continuously for 50 years and it has reached to such a place that nobody finds the real path to reach the destination of real Swaraj.

In this situation, national leader of Aazadi Bachao Andolan Shri Rajiv Dixit has worked out one revolutionary scheme of Real Swaraj after a lot of pondering and deliberations which is very much practicable providing very simple solutions of grave and dreadful problems. By implementing this scheme, people of India will enjoy real Swaraj in very short time.

Slavery, poverty, unemployment, disparity will end very soon, villages will flourish with home and cottage industries, frustration of the people will disappear and enthusiasm will be seen everywhere and everybody will experience Swaraj. Bureaucracy and corruption will disappear and our country will make real progress and will come out as a strongest country of the world. This scheme of real swaraj has been shortly described in this booklet.

I have endeavoured to expand and explain most of the points of Real Swaraj listed by Shri Rajiv Dixit as per my understanding. So language is mine. However, I have not described some of the points at all and left with only headings. Because I have not understood the full implications of such points. So I have written what I have understood. So I am personally responsible for any defect in my writing. Whatever is good in this scheme of renovations of this country, credit goes to Shri Rajiv Dixit. This booklet is Mudralekh describing in which direction Aazadi Bachao Andolan desires to take to the country. So Aazadi Bachao Andolan is not confined only for advocating using of Swadeshi commodities nor it is limited to drive out multinational companies from our country. This constitutes only small part of the entire scheme. In fact, the Andolan is to make basic revolutionary changes in entire economy, in entire political system, in entire administration and entire judiciary and thus to erect entirely new systems to enable to Indian people to enjoy real Swaraj. Naturally, such real Swaraj can not be obtained without creating awareness among the people throughout the country. To realize this objective every patriotic citizen will have to endeavour his level best. No any achievement is possible without sacrifice. So this is challenge for every patriotic citizen.

Nobody can claim that this scheme of real Swaraj is perfect. It may be incomplete in many ways. So any constructive suggestion to complete the scheme of Real Swaraj from learned readers are most welcomed.

- Veljibhai Desai     

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