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By giving encouragement to chemical fertilizers since last 50 years, Government has ruined our agriculture. Now we have enough experience that chemical fertilizers are harmful in the long range and it destroys the fertility of land. So, in spite of consuming more fertilizers, yield per acre decreases. It has been now proved that our indigenous organic manure is the best. So it should be the policy not to encourage chemical fertilizers at all and to give all possible encouragement to organic manure's. As per the latest research, almost 30kg. of organic manure of the equivalent quality of Gobar can be produced from 1 kg. of Gobar. So if entire rural population can be engaged in free season to produce organic manure's, crores of tonnes of organic manure's can be produced and entire agricultural land can be made full of organic manure so that land fertility can increase considerably and yield per acre can go up highest in the world. Such a huge possibility is there in our country. But it is not utilized. To utilize this possibility, the production and consumption of chemical fertilizers must be banned. The system of making 30kg. of organic manure from 1 kg. of Gobar must be made the subject of propaganda at every village and thus crores of tonnes of organic manure making should be planned systematically.

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