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Economical Localization
Political Localization
  Restrictions on Governments.  
Decentralization of political powers.
Villages be independent republics.
Free arms right for self defense.
Tax revenue for local consumption.
Formation of smaller states.
Decentralized policy for water.
Energy and Electricity Decentralized.
Protection to Indian culture.
Constitutional provisions are essential.
Policy of free land to every family.
Abolish Many Central and State Laws.
Composition of levels of Nyay Sabhas.
Justice based system.
New laws with Indian heart and feelings.
Educational Localization
Agricultural Localization
Health Localization
APPEAL to Patriotic Workers
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All the present laws are either made by English people or made by our super English people. The main bad motive of making any law is that at any cost people should remain supressed by the Government officers. So all these laws are not consistent with the thinking and feeling of Indian people. Any law which is consistent with the thinking and feeling of Indian people, there must be wide scope of discretion. Interpretation of any law should be subject to the discretion of concerned person. So any wrong interpretation can not be made by twisting the law. Interpretation of law must be consistent with the purpose of making the law. This means that if the law is made for the security of life and property, the culprits can not get benefit of doubt by wrong interpretation. At present it happens that murderer who has done murder in the presence of many people at any prominent place in the market is set free giving benefit of doubt due to wrong interpretation of law. Reason of this is complexity of laws wrong interpretation and lack of power to use discretion. The judge should have wide discretionary powers to punish the murderer without insisting on evidences simply by understanding by his discretion that particular murderer is really murderer and he must be punished. The judge must have full discretionary powers not to accept wrong arguments of the advocates and technicalities.

Moreover, there must be provision in every law to punish the implementing officers against the misuse of the law. Whether the law has been misused or not should not be decided by officers but by the people who have to observe that law. If this happens, then only misusing the law and harassing the people and extracting corruption will end. So in every law, sufficient provision against misuse of law must be introduced.

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