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All laws, rules and administrative systems created by English people in our country are dangerous. This entire system was created to keep our entire country as slave permanently. This entire system is to strengthen slavery further and further and it supresses the sense of freedom. Different laws were enacted to strengthen this dangerous system. So there is no doubt that all these laws must be abolished.

But our difficulty does not end there. After we got independence, the laws enacted in last 50 years are also the same kind of laws strengthening the entire system meant for keeping the entire India under strict slavery. So naturally, slavery has increased and freedom has decreased in last 50 years. Numerous controls have increased and powers of Government have increased many fold. Many new laws have come up and powers of bureaucrats to harass the people have become stronger and stronger and consequently people are suffering more and more terror and repression. Naturally this has resulted into more and more corruption and helplessness of the people and so corruption and scandals are constantly increasing and today India is considered as the heaviest corrupt country of the world.

We should understand this basically how this happens. English Government devised the entire administration in such a way that any Government officer can rule the people, make injustice to the people, can harass to the people but he is not responsible to the people. e.g. Talati (Patwari) of the village panchayat can exercise authority on entire village. He can take corruption from the entire village. But nothing can be done to him because he is not responsible to the village. But he is responsible to Taluka Mamlatdar. He can exercise authority over the village but not responsible to the village ! This system is basically the system of slavery. In this way, Taluka Mamlatdar can exercise powers on entire Taluka and he can take corruption from entire Taluka. But nothing can be done to him because he is not responsible to the people of Taluka. He is simply responsible to one person i.e. his boss Collector of the District. If he manages the affairs with the Collector, then whatever he does in Taluka or he harasses the people of entire Taluka, but people can not do anything to him. Similarly, Collector can exercise authority on entire District, but he is not responsible to the people of that District. He is simply responsible to one person i.e. his boss Secretary in the Sachivalaya of the State. Once he manages with the secretary, even all the people of the District can not do anything to him. This entire system is a naked slavery and should not run even for one day after independence. Similarly, Police inspector of Taluka can exercise authority on entire Taluka but he is not responsible to people of Taluka. He is responsible to District police officer. Police inspector can repress the entire Taluka, extract corruption from them and harass them. But nobody can do anything to that police inspector. Once he is able to manage with his superior and allocate the share of corruption to him, then he is completely safe. Then he can repress the entire Taluka but nothing will happen to him. He is not responsible to the people of Taluka. Similarly, officers of irrigation department are not responsible to the people, but they are simply responsible to their boss i.e. only one person. So they can harass the people can extract corruption openly from the people and can live fearlessly because they manage the affairs with their boss. So nobody can do anything to them. This happens in each and every department.

This entire system must be uprooted and thrown away at a stretch. This entire system was fabricated to keep India under slavery. In a real Swaraj, every public servant must be directly responsible to the people. In fact, people should not tolerate any such system and revolt against it in which public servants are not responsible to the people but they are simply responsible to their boss.

So it is not enough to abolish all the laws made by English people. But after independence, the laws made by our super English leaders in last 50 years are far more dangerous, far more unjust and far more capable of increasing slavery in our country.

So it is essential to abolish all such laws. Then entirely new system should be evolved in which every public servant must be responsible to the people directly. Until this is done people can never experience real Swaraj.

State Government also have made numerous laws in last 50 years and they have increased the repression on the people tremendously. So harassment to the people through the laws made by our super English leaders after independence are far more dangerous and reprssive than the laws of English people. So it is absolutely essential to abolish all the laws enacted after independence. In fact independence earned from English rule was entrusted immediately to the bureaucracy which was addicted to repress the people mercilessly. This bureaucracy misused and made many new laws in every state to repress the people, to harass the people so that people can not raise their head. So freedom of the people has been snatched away completely and powers of the Government officers to harass the people have increased many fold. Whatever terror the people are suffering from is the result of new laws passed in last 50 years. Just take the example of forest officers. There repression has reached to the culmination. Forest officers are ruling to the people almost as autocrat.

People's voice is nowhere heard. Forest officer can arrest anybody and kill him and still nothing can be done to him. This much dangerous powers are enjoyed by forest officers. Civil supply officers harass the merchants and industrialist of various fields unimaginably and they take heavy corruption quite openly from everybody. Irrigation officers extract heavy corruption from farmers. Officers of electricity board behave like more than autocratic kings and they are able to extract any heavy amount from industries by sending heavy bills of any amount occurred in their mind. In this way, every officer from every department has full powers to repress and harass the people and to extract heavy corruption from everybody quite openly. People are totally helpless. They are no more than slaves. So this is not a slightest Swaraj. This is the most dangerous bureaucracy. The main reason of this situation is that big IAS officers sitting in the capital secretariat went on making various types of laws since last 50 years with the sole purpose of repressing and treading the people by the Government officers. Now people are suffering this repression indescribably. So it is essential to abolish all these laws and it is essential to curtail law making powers of the Government by amending the constitution. So in the chapter of Restrictions on Governments, it has been proposed that no any law or Act passed by the parliament or state legislature or district authority will be effective in any village unless it is ratified by the concerned GRAM SABHA of that village. Once this is implemented, then only "Parliamentary Terrorism" described by Gandhiji will end and people can experience real swaraj.

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