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Economical Localization
Political Localization
  Restrictions on Governments.  
Decentralization of political powers.
Villages be independent republics.
Free arms right for self defense.
Tax revenue for local consumption.
Formation of smaller states.
Decentralized policy for water.
Energy and Electricity Decentralized.
Protection to Indian culture.
Constitutional provisions are essential.
Policy of free land to every family.
Abolish Many Central and State Laws.
Composition of levels of Nyay Sabhas.
Justice based system.
New laws with Indian heart and feelings.
Educational Localization
Agricultural Localization
Health Localization
APPEAL to Patriotic Workers
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There shall be complete ban on advertisements on Radio or TV throughout the country. There shall be no any restriction to run the radio stations for public service within 100 km. range. No any license will be required for such radio stations. No any Government interference will be for such radio stations. However, such radio stations can not be utilized for converson of religions.

By such small radio stations run by people, real democracy will develop e.g. at every village or every Taluka place, farmers' radio stations can be established in which discussions will be for agricultural development. The forecasting of rain fall and floods will be narrowcasted on it. Diseases of crops, its remedies, prices of the crops and all such information and guidance can be made available. Associations of women also can have their own radio stations in which information about injustice to women and their remedies can be discussed and narrowcasted. Child care home industries self reliance for women and all such activities can be run through small radio stations.

In this way, television centers can be also decentralized at village level, taluka level and district level which will work specially for social service. Purpose may be educational for agriculture, for cottage industries, for consumer interest, for social security, for social reform, for eradication of superstition for Gauseva, for animal husbandry or any such matter related to public interest. Such thousands of radio and TV centers should be run by people directly. Central Government or State Government should not have any authority to restrict or control such small radio or TV stations. All the powers relating to this activity should vest in district panchayat. A very few programs will be national programs for entire nation. Such national programs can be worked out by the association of district panchayats of the country. No any program will be imposed on the people from central Government.

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