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Economical Localization
Political Localization
  Restrictions on Governments.  
Decentralization of political powers.
Villages be independent republics.
Free arms right for self defense.
Tax revenue for local consumption.
Formation of smaller states.
Decentralized policy for water.
Energy and Electricity Decentralized.
Protection to Indian culture.
Constitutional provisions are essential.
Policy of free land to every family.
Abolish Many Central and State Laws.
Composition of levels of Nyay Sabhas.
Justice based system.
New laws with Indian heart and feelings.
Educational Localization
Agricultural Localization
Health Localization
APPEAL to Patriotic Workers
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Top priority should be awarded to conserve the drinking water in the underground tanks in every house by collecting rain waters. Every village must have its village pond. There must be policy to construct check dam at every possible site. Somewhat bigger check dams can be constructed by the joint efforts of a few villages. There should be systematic planning to construct small dams at many places in all big rivers and thus to utilize water for drinking or irrigation or also for electricity generation if possible. Not a single big dam should be allowed to construct. It is very risky to provide drinking water to every village from far away central source of water. It is against the concept of Swaraj. Wherever there is a scheme of providing drinking water to lakhs of people from the pipeline coming from 50 to 100 km. away, such people can be made slave very easily by controlling the pipeline. During the war, it becomes very easy to stop water pumps of such pipelines and to kill the people by thirst only. Aazadi Bachao Andolan looks such scheme as dangerous for Swaraj. So in the concept of Swaraj envisaged by Aazadi Bachao Andolan, there is no place of centralized scheme for basic primary need of water.

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