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Size by the people against the injustice of a big state. But it is comparatively easier to organize by the people against the injustice of a smaller state. This single reason is enough for the formation of smaller states. So Aazadi Bachao Andolan has cherished goal to break the present states and to form about 100 to 150 smaller states.

Today State itself has become terrorist. Every Government office is the center of terrorism and its function is to harass the people. Corruption is beyond limit. Government employees and officers should be really servants of people. But they have become masters of the people and people have become slaves of the bureaucracy. In every Government department, exploitation and repression are mercilessly going on. This is naked reality of today. Looking to the dangerous scene of the state, it becomes very clear that state itself is the evil riding on the people. So smaller is this evil, the better is for the people so that people can cope with it.

The administration always should be within the reach of the people. This is possible only if state is smaller.

As state itself has become terrorist, many occasions frequently arise to fight against the injustice of the state. But when state is very big, people can not collect enough strength to fight against such big state. The peoples strength to fight against injustice will be more easily organizsed and collected in smaller sates. Smaller endeviour will be enough to fight and win the injustice in a smaller state. Conversely, very big endeviour is required to create confidence and organise it among the people to fight and win against the injustice in a big giant state.

If State goes on the wrong path and the people want to bring to the right path, a lot of sacrifice is necessary to do this. But in a smaller state, a quantum of sacrifice will be smaller while in the bigger state quantum of sacrifice will be far more to achieve particular goal.

In a bigger state, peoples voice is not easily heard. It is neglected or supressed while in smaller state peoples voice can reach to the top authority easily and peoples difficulties can be explained to the authorities and officers more easily.

The big state is always indifferent to the expectations of the common masses. But in a smaller state there is better scope to satisfy the expectations of common masses.

It is hard to run the big state with economy. There shall be some wastage in a big state. In a smaller state criteria of economics can be implemented easily.

Thus, essentiality of smaller state is self proved. Bigger state is detrimental to the people. Smaller state may become beneficial to the people. Hardly, any argument is required to prove this.

In spite of so much self evident matter, why smaller states are not formed ? Bigger states are useful simply for supressing the people. Since last 45 years, big states are existing and consequently spirit of democracy has been miserably abolished. Exploitation of poor people has greatly increased. Merciless exploitation and neglect of villages are going on which we are helplessly looking. In 1956, smaller states have been abolished and big states have come into existence. This was big blunder. But nobody was able to speak against whims of Jawaharlal Nehru or all the political leaders had blind faith in Javaharlal Nehru. But almost all leaders had the feeling that it was a blunder to abolish smaller states and form bigger states. Then how many years to continue this big blunder ? If it was blunder, it should be corrected. We have suffered the bad consequences of big states since last 45 years. So without any further delay, this big blunder should be corrected and smaller states should be formed. This expectation of the people can not be neglected permanently.

In the present age, many blood boiling injustices are made to people. e.g. gross neglect of villages. State collects taxes of Rs. 3000/- per head, Total tax of Rs. 60 lakhs for the village of 2000 population. But village gets nothing from this. Even no arrangement of drinking water. Such numerous blood boiling injustices are made. But no big agitation or Andolan on big scale is coming up. Initiative of people have almost died. Frustration has spread so much that everybody feels that bureaucracy has become so much strong that nothing is possible. Such frustration is dangerous for the existence of the people. One should think to find out some way from any frustrative situation. I feel that the first step to get the people rid of blood boiling repressions of the state is the formation of smaller states. Once smaller states are formed, their repressive capacity will also be reduced and in the same proportion peoples capacity to defy the state will increase. So the demand of smaller states is the first necessity of the present age.

In Maharashtra, Nagpur to Mumbai is about 1000 km. Todays administration is so much centralized that for a trifle matter people have to go to capital city. People around Nagpur have to travel 1000 km to go to Mumbai to represent against any injustice to them. Spirit of Swaraj is never seen in this condition. So only way is Vidarbh should be separate state from Maharashtra. Similarly, Marathawada, Konkan etc. should be separate states. Uttar pradesh should be broken into 10 different states. So it may be Uttra Khand or Bundel Khand, it may be Malbar or Telengan, it may be Saurashtra or Kutch, everywhere demand of smaller state should be satisfied. Then only democracy will develop. Present giant states must be broken immediately. Sooner or later Government will have to accept the demand of smaller states.

Aazadi Bachao Andolan declares it open support to the demand of smaller states throughout the country.

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